poppies at the hospice

St Elizabeth Hospice

So when the chips are down and you feel the whole world is closing in on you where do you go for help? The NHS have done a marvellous job, they have diagnosed the symptoms and taken treatment as far as they can what comes next. the answer is simple, St Elizabeth Hospice. In short this what they do, to find out more please visit their website.

St Elizabeth Hospice improves life for people living with a progressive illness. Their work is centred around an individual's needs.

They provide specialist support wherever it is needed, in your home, in the community or in their Hospices. 

They have a team of professionals who work together to identify the clinical and psychosocial needs of patients and refer them to any of their wide-ranging services that could help.

It costs over £9m a year to run the hospice and approximately the equivilant of 1000 cups of coffee from any famous high street coffee outlet. to pay for one 24 hour stay. Please support this amazing facility and make a donation, thank you for reading this pages.