Meet the Team



Alwyn Nash
The Captain

Well, offshore Yacht Master at best.... Grandfather, Father, Husband, Suffolk Lad, lover of Adnans. Only ever cycled to the pub before we came up with this fundraising idea. Never underestimate an old man on a bike, but I would rather be sailing!


John Wright
Cyclist at large

John weighs in at 12 stone. At 54 years old he has lots of experience. Unfortunately none of it in cycling. 
Strengths: Refuelling won't present any problems as John loves his food.
Weaknesses: A known lover of sleep, the early starts and staying awake for 50 miles could prove challenging.
Quotes: "I'm all for this charity thing but nobody is shaving my legs".
Favourite joke: What's brown and sticky?
A stick!
Sports idol: Ian Botham.
Achievements: Attended cycling proficiency course 1978.


Emma Kindred
The need for speed

Photographer, designer, chilli addict.
Normally seen running along Colchester Road in Ipswich, Emma hung up her trainers in March this year, after completing the Cambridge half marathon to focus on cycling. She's finding it fun to tick off the miles a little quicker than she can on foot and she particularly loves her downhill finish she gets after every ride, weeeee!


Eyal Shtern
The pro!

48 Yo, working 17 years for Checkpoint, sport lover, cycling, swimming, running.
Raised funds to run the New York marathon last year.
Finished 3 ironman long distance races & 9 marathons.
2 kids ( 17 & 13 ) , wife & a cat :)

Support Crew


Lesley Nash, Tara Nash, Mark Coates, Summer Coates, James Kindred, Eva Kindred, Nola Kindred. They are all part of this great challenge. From booking hotels to laughing at me in silly shorts, we couldn't have done this without their help and support. Thanks in advance to them for the tea making, bacon bap buying and legs rubs - Go Team!