Get the miles when you can

So, after heading out to a meeting near Saxmundham, I headed home (in my car unfortunately) and got changed for cycling in some kind of Superwoman fashion. 

ride for toni handlbars

I had 45 minutes spare before I had to put my mum hat on so headed out on another short 10 mile route I am very familiar with.

It's a route that heads out of town, to a village called Claydon, then out to Barham, Henley and home. It has more hills in it that you'd expect from a 'flat' county but it's a good short route and it's good (apparently) to involve hills where you can....

I saw a few alpacas (could have been lamas), some sheep, about 20 deer, and minimal cars. 

Another enjoyable burst, and more miles on the legs.