High fives and fallen chains

We both managed a ride together today.

I've finally upped my miles from last weeks 10 miles, to 20. It feels good.

I biked to Mum and Dad's (6 miles), had a welcomed cup of tea then we both headed for the hills!

Legs were a bit tired from yesterday's ride, but they're going to have to get used to that.

We took in the beautiful Suffolk countryside in it's early spring days and encountered some testing hills, in this supposedly 'flat' county. We are also sooo over the wind now, how can you have a headwind no matter what direction you cycle in??

We were a few miles from home, starting to think about what we were going to eat when we got home when we had to tackle a hill coming out of Witnesham, half way up it I had to stop, it felt harder than normal, that's when I realised my back brake was stuck on!. I crossed the road to a safer spot and sorted it out, as I started to peddle away my chain came off, mmmm greasy fingers. As we were passing Finn Valley Golf Club Dad's chain then fell off. I think our bikes were protesting the hills!

We went our separate ways in Westerfield, a super high five at the junction and we were off.

ride for toni fallen chains