Testing out the legs

Today was the first day Dad and me tried riding together, for at least 25 years. And it was fun!

We met on the outskirts of Ipswich, somewhere between where we both live. We checked out each others fluorescent clothing combinations and off we went.

We had a 10 mile route planned and it was sunny!

I had just come out of training for a half marathon so didn't want to push the distance too far, Dad had been lucky enough to fit in some decent distances on his bike but was worried I'd be faster than him. Turns out, after my showoff sprint start, we were quite evenly paced.

A few miles out to the country, a few glances at some rather lovely houses, then back to the outskirts of town before taking this wonderful photo!

ride for toni dad and me

So there it is. Our first training ride. And we loved it!