I found the Castle on the Hill

Yesterday I decided to stop playing it safe and go further. I wanted to see how far I could go without needing a nap. Turns out 40 miles is my marker.

I'm so grateful for the help I get with our girls, it's the Easter hols and I have work, kids and cycling to juggle. Having willing grandparents nearby is such a big deal and I wouldn't be able to get on and do things without them, so thank you to my parents and to James's. 

Yesterday my parents took my girls out for the day, I managed to get lots of work done in the morning, all the while I was telling myself I was going out for a bike ride after lunch and it was going to hurt.

I half planned a route from Ipswich out to Debenham, over to Framlingham, Easton, Otley then home. The ride out to Framlingham was amazing, I found a lovely quiet lane where the only other living thing I came across was a gigantic bumble bee that I headbutted and sent off in a spin.

I got to a place called Earl Soham, where I accidentally pressed save on my Strava instead of pause, I was just over 18 miles in and averaging 14.6mph, things were great. I restarted my Strava and head to the Castle. Coincidently the first accent I heard in Framlingham was German, they seemed happy at heading up to the Castle, it reminded me why I was there. I took a quick selfie and headed home.

I got lost. Not so lost I needed a rescue helicopter but lost enough that I became super tired and regretted not stopping for a bite to eat in Framlingham. The wind picked up and was freezing cold. As soon as I saw a sign to Otley I got a second wind and hammered it home. I was so exhausted, I wanted to know what that felt like, it is similar to being exhausted from running, but the mileage is better so it made me feel better!