Saturday and a chance to ride with Emma where would we go............

Start early they said...... I did.

Do not eat breakfast they said.... I didn't

check tyre pressures they said......I did

Try and keep up with Emma they said..... I kind of did.

We met at Ashbocking cross roads, the Nelson pub is long since gone. I had many a shandy in there during the 70s after playing Sunday morning football for that world famous team Eyke United. Emma and I both complained of the wind although we arrive at the cross roads from opposite directions we were both convinced we were cycling into wind! And it was cold.

After 5 minutes we decided to head for Framlingham and maybe stop for a coffee near that famous castle. I love that route it is so peaceful and beautiful country side and very few cars. Riding with Emma really pushes me hard to try and keep up. During the week I had managed a couple of short rides and my average speed was poor to say the least, one day I was down to just 12 MPH. Chasing Emma at 18 - 20 miles an hour for long stretches must make a difference along with tyre pressures checked and all the other advice I must be doing better.

We did stop in Framlingham waited 15 minutes for a coffee, got cold in the wind and took a selfie out side the Charity shop for which we are fund raising. Where to next? Wickham Market then Woodbridge and home. A great mornings ride average speed over the 35 miles was well over 14MPH and that included all the stops, maybe I am at last getting fitter.

Spot the building in the photo that inspired Ed Sheeran

Olle Nash