Tag team

My husband is playing a great charity gig tonight with many of his bandmates from the 90s. It's for the charity Backup, who have helped a friend, who also has cancer, in recent months.

This has meant he has needed to rehearse and I have needed to train, mostly on the same days as each other.

This morning I met with Dad in Ashbocking and we headed out to Framlingham. We stopped in the freezing wind, for a much needed coffee, then headed home via Wickham Market and Woodbridge. Not before taking a very bright selfie outside the St Elizabeth Hospice shop on the market square in Framlingham.

Warning: you may need glasses to view this photo...

This did, however, mean leaving the house early and returning to a high five from James as he headed out the door for his rehearsals, for the second day running. It's been a bit of a juggling act but these activities mean so so much to us and are also a healthy 'distraction' during a very tough time.  

Thank you to everyone who has donated to St Elizabeth Hospice so far. You are amazing and we are all part of doing something so great. If the hospice didn't receive such funds it wouldn't be here, and that's just not worth thinking about.