A little update

We haven't posted for a while, I thought I'd get you up to date.

Toni was taken very ill last week.

She was suffering from dehydration and in unbearable pain. She has now been in hospital for a week. Many pints of water and a whole new range of pain management drugs later and we have a much happier Toni.

It was a very quick reminder of just how fragile she is. 

She is still in Ipswich hospital where they are building her up so she can leave, hopefully this week.

I took my daughter, Eva (6), to see her last night and she got into bed with Toni for a nice snuggle. 

I'd also like to say a HUUUUGE thank you to all the wonderful people that have donated.
We are blown away to already be at the 45% mark. I wonder if we can make it 50% by the end of the day....?