It's not what you know, but who.

This post is a big, massive, huge, gigantic thank you to Justin and his team at Thomas's Cycle Revolution, in Ipswich.

Dad has popped in a few times and been given grand advice, today we both bombarded Justin with a gazillion questions about bikes, boots, breaks and bums. 

I ended up with a rather sore posterior after my long ride on Sunday so I was determined to not ride until I had a new seat sorted. A member of the team measured my bum (oh the glamour) and advised me on the size and shape seat I should try, I went for a Specialized saddle that looks in no way like the men's seat I was riding on and I can tell you makes ALL the difference.

Dad wanted to buy some cycling shoes and take the next step to become permanently welded to his bike, he's crazy! Justin had some fab advice, though I think all Dad could here was 20% more efficient.... For now Dad decided to buy the shoes and he'll get the clips another time. They are pretty cool and look a bit like a hiking shoe (I am totally using all the correct technical terms here...)

A member of the team took my bike out the back and fitted my new seat, they also adjusted my gears, breaks and pumped up my tyres a bit. They also changed Dad's stem for a slightly shorter one, they looked at his gears and sorted out his handle bar tape for nothing. No pennies at all. For free, people, free. They are total legends. We can't thank them enough, who knew riding a bike involved SO MUCH knowledge, we really appreciate Justin and his team sharing theirs with us.

Oh, and just as I was paying for my saddle Dad bought me the strangest present he's ever bought me before, bum cream. Actual cream for my bum. Good job I don't get offended easily. Thanks Dad x

We then nipped out for a quick 10 miles in the sun. I felt like I was riding a completely new bike. So thank you so so much Justin, your help means so much to us.