'That house used to belong to...'

Today I met up with Dad in one of his favourite pubs from his childhood, The Oyster Inn, Butley.
It has recently been renovated and Dad has been very excited to have a look round. James and I were taking the girls to the forest to let off some steam so thought it seemed like a great opportunity to cycle home after a lovely pub lunch.

So after eating far too much we headed out down Dad's memory lane.
We didn't have to go far, the lane outside the pub used to take dad to his school, we then headed towards Tunstall, where dad pointed to a farm where my amazing Great Nana used to prepared carrots all day long. Then again Dad pointed out houses where his school friends grew up, then Great Aunts and endless distant relatives all the way through to Campsea Ashe. I love hearing about it all, it's lovely to see where my family came from.

We then cycled through Easton, talked about the wiggly wall, how Horton from Horton Hears a Hoo obviously now lives in Hoo House, saw 2 buzzards playing in the hot air, pointed at a few rabbits, avoided terrifying white van drivers, headed through Otley to Helmingham Hall, then parted in Ashbocking, where I headed to Henley and home and Dad through Otley College and home.

30 beautiful miles for me and 40 for Dad.

Half way into our ride we heard the news that Toni has a bed at St Elizabeth Hospice now, she'll be there for some respite for a few days, then hopefully out and home soon. It made me peddle even harder on the way home, remembering that it costs a massive £3,850 for 24 hours of care at the hospice. All the more reason to smash our target!

There are 2 buzzards here, honestly.

There are 2 buzzards here, honestly.