The last week of intense training

Friday the 4th August was a big milestone in our preparation for the cycle tour. This was to be the day we started with the magical 50 miles and we would hopefully get as many consecutive days in at this distance as possible.. What better way to start this phase of our training than a photo shoot at St Elizabeth Hospice and big thank you to Adrian Rawlinson and Sarah Williams for making us feel like celebrities for 10 minutes!  Little did we know that the weather would be against us boy did it rain and then the inevitable punctures, however we did manage 250 miles this week which is our target for the week in Germany. The week ahead starting 14th August will see us warming down with just a couple of days at 20 -25 miles followed by a well earned rest. Cycle Revolution get the bikes on Thursday to give them a good service and that's it, training complete. Oh there is a birthday party on Saturday for Summer Coats and then Sunday a drive to Dover to get the ferry and the start of this very special journey. Something that started at Toni's beside as an evening chat is actually going to happen!

Olle Nash