New Bikes!

A few weeks ago I was doing 30mph down hill, just near my home. I'd been out with Dad and John and we'd covered around 30 miles. I was looking forward to a shower and some dinner. The road at the bottom of this hill is like patchwork, with repairs on top of repairs on top of repairs, so just a little bit bumpy. Anyway it shook my bike up (and me) so much my gears started clanging and my front wheel actually came undone. I didn't fall off but it scared me enough to not want to go out on that bike again.

So last week Dad (who has been borrowing a 30 year old touring bike) and me decided we needed to be safe and comfortable. We headed to Cycle Revolution and bought a bike each. BIG NEWS! We are now lighter, faster, more comfortable and most importantly clipped in! John bought some new cycling shoes, ready for when he wants to take the leap and become one with his bike. Justin showed us how to clip in and out again and we were off.

An extremely windy ride to Felixstowe later and we were getting onto the ferry over to Bawdsey (any excuse to get on a boat). The tide didn't carry us out to anywhere we weren't planning on going and we made it over to the cafe for a quick takeaway cup of tea. Back on our bikes and we rode a hard ride all the way home (via a pub), the wind was incredible, especially going up the hills out of Woodbridge, but we did it, and we did it in style on our new bikes!

I'd like to thank Justin, again, for all his time he has given us so far. 

My new baby.

My new baby.