Ride for Toni day 1!

After months of planning and months of talking and months of training today we finally started our Ride for Toni tour.

First on our agenda was to drive from our hotel to Unna, the last town we lived in Germany. We had arranged to meet with the town mayor and local press. They were great and were very happy to see us. They spent an hour listening to our story and taking photos, they even donated to our cause.


From here we started our ride, with a lovely cheer from the family and mayor. This was the first time I’d ridden on the right side of the since I was 11 years old, I’d been nervous about it but needn’t have been. Cyclists have priority here and everyone sticks to it.

Dad has spent weeks meticulously planning our routes. Making sure we didn’t spent too much time cycling in cities, up big hills or on the autobahns! Germany has an incredible cycle path system. We pretty much managed to stay on them all the way to Hovelhof. They are not only safe but beautiful too. Every ten miles or so we found ourselves in awe of how great the paths were and how quiet everywhere was. You can see from the photos just how wonderful our routes were (when our gps devices behaved).

ride day1 a.jpg

We totalled 64.5 miles today and it felt fantastic. We drank coffee, ate cake and got some great protein bars from Eyal, our fourth, and very experienced, cyclist. I managed to fall off my bike once, whilst hesitating on directions. I might have cut my knee a bit and bruised my thigh like never before, and dad might have fallen hard on some gravel but that just makes us real cyclists, right? But, in true Eva style, my 7 year old daughter had to outdo all injuries buy fracturing her ankle whitest bouncing on a trampoline at the hotel moments before we returned.

This definitely was not what I was expecting to come back to but I have to say the German medical centre and then the hospital made it a total stress free experience. Like most German services it was kind, clean and efficient (with some interestingly-timed “shit happens” comments to lighten the mood and catch everyone off guard!).

They had Eva in a cast and on crutches in no time. Hopefully she’ll only need the cast for 2 weeks, but this has made day trips out for James a little difficult. No swimming and no long walks.

An unexpected end to the first day, but still a bloomin’ great day!