Ride for Toni day 2!

We call this HILL DAY! For weeks Dad had been worrying about this leg of the route, he knew all too well about the rolling hills in and around Oerlinghousen, the place we lived when I was born.


It was hard work on the legs but the scenery made it worth it, Dad directed us around many of the hills to save our legs a bit. We ended up cycling 65 miles to avoid the bigger climbs, but that was fine with us. 

We visited our old flat in Oerlinghousen, it was very run down and we all got a bit emotional, we then cycled to Detmold and visited Dads old camp and another of the flats we lived in. This one was in better condition and the owners were in. We had a little chat with them, they moved in not long after the army moved out.


We then headed into the wilderness again, it was so beautiful, we had around 30 birds of prey above us at one point, it was truly something special, Toni would have been over the moon to have seen them all gliding together. We rode through Hamelin and followed the river Weser to our hotel, with a slight 12km detour..... I'm looking at you Wahoo device!

We were greeted with beer and good pizza. Oh, and a goat and a very friendly chicken.