Ride for Toni day 4!

The worst start to the day. We needed to leave by 7am in order to leave Eyal enough time to head back to Hannover, by car, to catch his flight. However we walked managed to ride 0.44 miles before the thunder and lightening hit, followed by biblical rain. We took shelter at a tram station before finally heading out of the city to our 4th stop, Fallingbostel.

There was a definite 'heads down and get on with it' vibe today. We cycled through a busy wet city and out into a fast paced woodland. Our cycle paths were not quite as good as they had been so we had to cycle on the busier roads, this involved cars passing us at around 100 mph, pretty hairy stuff, but luckily we didn't have to stay on these roads too long. 

The scenery was thick with forest, which was beautiful but once we started following the cycle path again we soon realised mountain bikes would have been better on the fine sand! Due to too many falls we opted to walk the tracks with our bikes until we could catch up with the better paths again.

We made it to Fallingbostel, I would have been 5-6 while we were here, I instantly recognised buildings in the town. We met the rest of the team for lunch and said goodbye to Eyal. He has been amazing to our team, John has nicknamed him the Doctor, he knew when to give us protein, salt tablets, sugar or electrolytes. He also might have made us peddle a little faster than we would have done without him. 

Let's see what tomorrow's pace brings....