Ride For Toni 2018 - Tour of North Germany 20th August - 24th August

After a very successful first year in 2017 we have been asked by many people to do this again. We are trying to make this as interesting as possible to a number of different groups of people. The inspiration behind this ride was Toni herself something we discussed from her Hospice bedside.  Obviously the charity behind this event is for St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich.

Make memories of a life time:

  • Sense of achievement whilst traveling along dedicated cycle routes with up to 100 new friends
  • Ride between the twin town of Felixstowe, Wessel to Bremen approximately 480Km
  • Points of Interest:
    • Day 1 Munster the cycling capital of Europe and an old BAOR Garrison Town
    • Day 2 Detmold via the impressive Hermannsdenkmal, Detmold was also an old BAOR Garrison Town
    • Day 3 Hanover via Hameln and a chance to look around the town made famous by the Pied Piper
    • Day 4 Fallingbostel/Walsrode
    • Day 5 Bremen for a long deserved rest before returning home.

Whats included:

  • Accommodation throughout the trip
  • All food and drink throughout your ride
  • A dedicated support team to mark the route, help with bike repairs and should you need it first aid
  • A Ride for Toni 2018 Cycle Jersey
  • Transportation of your cycle to the start, UK pick up points to be decided. 

Fundraising Tips

At first glance you might think the cost of the event, £2000, excludes you from participating but this is why we are advertising early. We are here to help you raise the funds and we also have the support of the St Elizabeth Hospice fundraising team. There are many ideas and we will post regular news and ideas for events in your local area. Last year we were amazed at the support from close friends and family and you too will probably have a close network of friends who will help your fund grow. By including your local community in your events the knowledge of the good the work, care and support given at St Elizabeth Hospice will be spread far and wide.

The money is broken down into 2 equal parts, the cost of event and the donation to St Elizabeth Hospice. We will help you set up your Giving Page where you can watch your donations grow. There are just over 8 months to raise this money that's £250 a month so get started now tell your friends, work colleagues and employer once they know it's for the Hospice you will be amazed how much help you will receive. 

More details on target dates to follow, there will be a non refundable Registration Fee deductible from the cost. The actual cost could be slightly less depending on the final number of participants, that's why its important for you to tell us if you will participate. Please show your initial interest by completing the form below:


Training Tips:

You may be an accomplished and enthusiastic cyclist but like my family and myself this might be your first attempt at such a distance. We started very slow just 5 or 6 miles a day and trying to do consecutive days was not possible at first so do not be put off. We received advice on, bike setup, clothing and nutrition. After the first month we were doing 10 miles a day, it wasn't a race but we had made a significant start. We gradually increased the distance and I asked myself why had I not done this before. We got to know all of the local back roads and explored this beautiful county of Suffolk. I was sixty in 2017 badly over weight having not exercised since my Army days but I found this to be a most forgiving sport no aches or pains the following day and I lost weight!

We will create a FAQ sheet and can also help with further training advice we may even meet you for joint training rides. Your target is approximately 50 miles a day, the intention is to start early finishing around lunch time giving you time to explore the points of interest on the way.


Olle Nash