Guinness World Record Conga For Toni


Our thanks go to The Ipswich Outdoor Group who decided to help the campaign a most unusual way. 

What started as a bit of a daft idea became reality at Felixstowe Seafront on Sunday 28th April 2019 when eleven of their group members danced the conga along the promenade in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest distance danced by a conga line.


The aim was to beat the previous record  of 7.84 miles, set in Brighton in 2016. However once you start conga-ing it is hard to stop and the chain carried on for a total of 11 miles to shatter the record! The feat took some 5 and a half hours. Spare a thought for their poor feet.

The occasion was a real spectacle! The dancers wore brightly coloured costumes and were accompanied by 'Do The Conga' by Black Lace blue-toothed into backpacks.

The whole event was captured on video in order to provide evidence for Guinness. The Suffolk Rickshaw Company was hired so that the conga could be filmed from the back while their driver pedalled away in front of the line. As the route was up and down a half-mile stretch, elaborate plans had been drawn up to choreograph the turns at each end.

Weeks of practice and hard work behind the scenes had gone into this. There were practice sessions in Christchurch Park,  Ipswich and Felixstowe seafront at weekends and even up a mountain in the Lake District at Easter! There were meetings, applications for council permits and licenses, press releases and radio interviews, social media, posters and banners and enabling the soundtrack.

The amazing costumes were hand sewn by one of the group. A refreshments stall had a variety of delicious treats to energise the dancers. There was even a little tent for emergency 'natural breaks'. Many people gave their time to help out with crowd control and money collection on the day and the people of Felixstowe cheered the line along the way. All in all over 40 people were involved in organising everything on and up to the day to make this a very special occasion.

The event has raised much needed funds for St. Elizabeth Hospice helping them to continue to bring care and comfort to those in need.

Hats off and eternal gratitude to the Ipswich Outdoor Group for this amazing feat. Any silly ideas for next year..?

Another event inspired by Toni. She would have loved everything about this day.

Emma Kindred