Our Plan

Planning is in progress and this page will be updated as we finalise the detail:

The family consisting of Mum & Dad, middle sister and family, youngest sister and family and Toni's husband John, will travel to Germany by car on Sunday 20th August.  The ride will star on Monday 21st August. The general idea is to bring back childhood memories and make new memories that the family can keep forever. In all we will visit 6 locations where Toni lived including the British Military Hospital where she was born.

The ride will be approximately 400 Kilometers

Day 1 Starting at Massen near Dortmund a 80 Kilometer ride heading towards Oerlinghausen near Bielefeld staying overnight near Paderborn

Day 2 complete the ride to Oerlinghausen, photo shoot out side the old family home. Carry on the ride to Detmold and again photo shoot at the old family home and surrounding facilities schools, play park and the old Army camp. To finish the day we need to complete another 30 kilometers towards Hanover.

Day 3 80 Kilometer ride from over night stop to Hanover.

Day 4 Find the old British Military Hospital again for another Photo shoot. Day fours ride will be 80 Kilometers north finishing at Fallingbostel. Photo opportunities at the old married quarter, the camp, the school and the town.

Day 5 Final day's ride leaving Fallingbostel heading towards Nienburg am Weser. Lunch on Day 5 will be at Rethem/Aller this is where the family owned a static sited caravan for 5 years. There are many memories of this location and photo opportunities. To finish the 400 Kilometer ride we will arrive at the old family quarter in Nienburg. Another town with many memories and photo opportunities.

The family will then spend a day together visiting old haunts before returning to the UK on Sunday 27th August.