Ride for Toni 2018

We are planning a bigger ride next year. Join us!

Keep checking in on us for news on next years ride!

Here are some outline details of the proposed ride for 2018.

The idea is to bring like minded people together to enjoy a ride through Germany, possibly through towns and city's you may have lived and served in. The distance is to be similar as the more familiar route of London to Paris, 250 miles. The exact route is yet to be decided but it will be similar to that which my family did this year. We drove to Dortmund and Day 1 rode to the Paderborn Area, Day 2 was around the houses but took in Bielefield, Detmold and finished in Hamlen. Day 3 was straight through to Hannover staying in the city. Day 4 was to Fallingbostel and Day 5 was to Nienburg. The general idea is to start early and finish at lunch time each day allowing for some sight seeing and nostalgic visits. Depending on numbers attending we may have mini buses to help get people to places of interest. I will contact all Burgermiesters asking for help and advice with a view to gaining access to some of the barracks which are currently closed to the public. 

The cost will not be cheap and I am trying to get as much corporate sponsorship as possible to help keep the price down. Again I am taking the lead from the London to Paris websites where there is a registration fee, a minimum sponsor target for St Elizabeth Hospice, and a self funding element to pay for the logistics such as Hotels, food and transport. Unlike an event management company I will be relying on friends family and volunteers to help. So far we have mini bus drivers, a para medic, a nurse practitioner and many individuals to help with admin etc. To keep the price down I will be negotiating with hotels for twin rooms obviously sharing will help. In 2018 it might just be possible to use some barrack accommodation depending on dates. Which leads on to dates, trying to miss school holidays we are thinking of the last week in April or first or second week of July.  

For those looking for transport the plan is to start in Ipswich Suffolk drive to Dover, so it will possible to have a couple of pickup points on the way such as Chelmsford, Thurrock, Ashford and Dover.

So far there are 25 people showing interest and that contact is through family and friends and the REME groups on face book. I hope to make this an annual event and therefore I need 2018 to be a success I will be creating a questionnaire in the next few days asking people what their expectations might be. The things we found important this year was, decent beds, decent roads and routes, good coordination with the logistic teams, good communication, good food in the evenings and plenty of coffee shops on route during the day.

Check out this post on facebook to see the young adults we are trying to help.


Stay tuned!